Bandeau LEADER - Fond Européen Agricole pour le développement rural

Maison Nipa, for the opening of its restaurant in 2022, has benefited from a European LEADER grant requested from the Pays Vallée de la Sarthe.


A tagalog word that has many meanings: welcome, long life, and to breathe. This summarizes the spirit of the Philippines and its people, who have a sixth sense for hospitality, kindness and a joy for life.

At Maison Nipa these values are of the highest priority so that our guests can have the best possible experience with us, always with a smile.

“Nipa” refers to the traditional countryside housing in the Philippines, houses that are structured with bamboo and finished with the leaves of the “Nipa” palm for its roofing. Together with our team, we hope to transport you through our two cultures, discovering our interpretation of Franco-Philippine cuisine, in a place that is warm and inviting.

Situated in Fillé-sur-Sarthe, the restaurant’s walls date back to the end of the XIXth Century. It is a unique place that is filled with history, it was once a station café and a hotel before becoming a restaurant. Now it is our turn to write the next pages of its gastronomic story…

« He who forgets his roots will never reach his destination. »


Maison Nipa

Franco-Philippine restaurant

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