Our Cuisine

“Maison Nipa”, a cuisine based on taste, truth, producers, Philippine influences… a cuisine that is sincere and respective of the environment. “The product” is always put up front and in the spotlight.

Our menus for dinner


Menu Alpas

“Become free and break boundaries”
4 Courses 
(Starter, Fish, Meat, and Dessert)

Plato and Baso pairing
~ 3 glasses of 9cl at 34€.
~ 4 glasses of 9cl at 44€.

* Net price per guest – VAT and service tax included.

Menu Dalisay

“In its purest form”
6 Courses 90.00€

Pairing Plato and Baso
~ 5 glasses of 9 cl at 56€.
~ 6 glasses of 9cl at 67€.

The menu Dalisay is ordered for the entire table and is offered until 9pm.

* Net price per guest – VAT and service tax included.

Menu little Nipa (-12 years old)

3 Courses
(Starter, Main course, and Dessert)
2 Courses
(Starter / Main course ou Main course / Dessert)
* Net price per guest – VAT and service tax included.

Menu Nipa vegetarian

3 Courses
(Starter, Main course, and Dessert)
* Net price per guest – VAT and service tax included.
We only work with fresh produce, certain courses may have ingredients lacking or modified.
We thank you for notifying our Maitre d’Hotel in advance for any food restrictions or allergies.

A responsible gastronomy

The word responsible is a term that is strong and engaging. As written in the dictionary: “one has to measure the consequences of his actions”. We are convinced that the cuisine of tomorrow needs to be more ecological.

It’s a cuisine that knows where its produce comes from, favouring the direct contact with farmers and producers who work with raw, fresh, and seasonal produce. A chef needs to show and inform his clients and his team of the importance of seasonality.